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For Stairs,Ramps, Walkways

About Anti Slip Tape For Stairs,Ramps & Walkways

This is a general purpose self adhesive anti slip tape which may be used on stairs, steps,ladders,ramps scaffolding,walkways,vehicles,trucks and trailers,ramps,decking etc.The anti slip grip tape comes in black or high visibility colours Red,Yellow,Grey,Clear,Brown,White,Yellow/Black,and Red/White .Where there is heavy foot traffic and areas exposed to dust and dirt e.g , timber decking ,loading ramps,walkways,building entrances,trucks & trailers,machine shops etc,a coarser industrial grade anti slip tape is ideal.On stairs or steps, it is recommended to apply the anti slip tape 12 to 15 mm from  the stair edge to prevent edge curl and premature wear.Make your staircase safe by fitting anti slip tape on each step