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The Step Profile

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There are four basic step profiles that a stair nosing will follow.The square stair nosing profile is fitted to steps that are at 90 degree angle to the tread.The rake back stair nosing profile is fitted to steps whose riser is slopping backwards at 83 degrees  angle to the tread.This type of step profile is normally found in new build projects.Bullnose stair nosing is fitted to steps that have a rounded edge,a wide majority which are found in wooden staircases.The chevron stair nosing profile  is often used to accomodate all steps profiles,particularly those whose edge has been chipped or worn out.

3 step guide to selecting correct stair edging!

1.Choose the right stair edging for the step.This should be a tight fit to the step to ensure that the profile does not lift or rock during use.The depth of tread will have an influence on the stair nosing to be selected.A single channel profile is ideal on treads up to 300mm deep.Double and multiple [...]

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