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3 step guide to selecting correct stair edging!

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1.Choose the right stair edging for the step.This should be a tight fit to the step to ensure that the profile does not lift or rock during use.The depth of tread will have an influence on the stair nosing to be selected.A single channel profile is ideal on treads up to 300mm deep.Double and multiple channels are suitable for stairs with large treads,especially if they are subjected to heavy foot traffic e.g in supermarkets,hospitals,schools and departmental stores.

2.Select the correct slip-resistance for the conditions to reduce the risks of slips and falls.An  insert helps provide slip-resistance and reduces risk of slip on stairs. 

3.Choose a colour that visually contrasts.The stair edging needs to highlight the step edge by providing a visual contrast with the remainder of the tread and riser material along the full width of the stair.