Aluminium Ramp Transition Profile For Floors With 6-22mm Height Difference

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This aluminium ramp transition profile is a level compensator profile joining floors at different heights, allowing for the elimination of the step between floors. The ramp transition strip can also cover slight imperfections due to cuts or chipping of different materials such as wood floors joining to linoleum or carpeting. It comes in different height adjustments of 6mm to 22mm.The ramp edge profile is available in anodised aluminium silver and available in 0.9m ,or 2.7m lengths. It is self-adhesive for DIY installation.

  • Material: Anodised Aluminium Silver ...............(for stainless steel search RMPEDGE/SST)
  • Heights: 6-10 / 12-16mm / 20-22mm 
  • Length: 0.9m (35.4inch),or 2.7m(9ft)