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Stairs are inherently hazardous by their very nature.Loss of balance on stairways can make people fall,get hurt or even killed.According to statistics,trips, falls and slips are the cause of thousands of injuries at home and in the workplace every year and account for more than half of all reported injuries to the general public.To reduce the risk of slip and falls on stairs,a non slippery surface on the whole step,or at least on the leading edge should be applied.This could be in the form of a stair nosing,special paint or anti slip tape.Stair nosings variably known as stair edgings,stair covers,stair treads,stair trims,non slip treads etc significantly contribute to safety when selected correctly.Available in different sizes and materials such as aluminum,brass,stainless steel ,grp,fibreglass,rubber, flexible pvc and wood,our stair nosing profiles define and protect steps in laminate,wood ,tile and stone.Profiles with an anti slip pvc insert or grooved tread provide a higher safety feature,making them well suited for situations where the surface is slippery,and stainless steel stair nosing profiles offer superb resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents and are particularly recommended to protect steps in hospitals,swimming pools and outdoor areas in general.