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Tile trims,or tile edging trims are section profiles that provide a neat finish to the outer edges of the tiling, making it unnecessary to mitre the tiles.They are protective and decorative edge profiles designed for floor,wall and countertop applications.A tile trim solves the problem of unsightly exposed or chipped tile edges and make for perfect edging of any tiling project,even for difficult places like corners and edges.The tile edging trims are available as straight edge trims,square edge trims,rectangular edge trims,quadrant edge trims and listello decorative profiles, with the metal tile trims coming in formable or non-formable variations.Tile trims can frame any kind of tiled floor and wall and are are available in a variety of designs and materials:a shiny stainless steel look,aluminium,brass or PVC.In any situation, tile edging trims provide the perfect finish.Tile trims in solid brass are suitable for high mechanical stress,while tile profiles of plastic are the least expensive variant and are not suitable for excessive mechanical stress.Anodized aluminium tile trims have a sophisticated look that does not change when damp.As tile adhesives and grout can affect the surface, the visible surface of anodised aluminium tile trims should be cleaned after the tile profiles have been laid.Stainless steel tile edgings can withstand high levels of mechanical stress and are largely resistant to chemicals finding wide use in the food industry,hospitals etc.