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Skirting boards are used to provide clean neat solutions for junctions where the floor meets the wall.Our range of metal skirting offer a modern alternative to traditional wood and pvc profiles and the aluminium skirting and stainless steel skirting are suitable for most applications from domestic to commercial. With a high-quality appearance and perfect functionality, the metal skirting boards offered by National Stair Nosings & Floor Edgings provide an elegant highlight for attractive room design that is right up to date.Not only does the metal skirting renew the look and feel of your home or office,it is also very durable and waterproof and can take a lot of punishment before any damage is done.Not only can metal skirting in aluminium or stainless steel be used in wet areas,they are also colour neutral and can be a crownish finish to any high quality flooring.Through-coloured flexible vinyl skirting is an economical wall base option,and provides great finishing options for your flooring design.

National Stair Nosings & Floor Edgings supplies a wide range of aluminium,stainlesss steel skirting and flexible pvc skirting to give the customer a more diverse range to choose from.The metal skirting boards and flexible pvc skirting is the pefect finish touch to your home or office fit-out.