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Anti Slip Tape

Slip occurs when there is too little friction or traction between feet and the walking surface.This is usually the case when the surface is wet or oily.Anti slip tape provides an anti slip solution for slippery surface by increasing the co-efficient of friction on all types of floors including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, wood, painted, concrete, vinyl, metal, etc.,both indoors and outdoors.This minimises the risk of slips,trips and falls on slippery surfaces such as stairs,ramps ,walkways,bathroom floors etc.The anti slip tape is available in a range of grades for general purpose and specialist applications and combines high quality abrasives and tough, durable adhesives to give outstanding slip resistance over long periods.With a peel and stick application,the non slip grip tapes can be stuck directly onto a clean, dry, oil free surface.Porous surfaces such as unpainted wood and concrete should first be sealed with a primer.Anti slip tape product range includes premium grade general purpose anti slip tapes that provide an effective anti slip surface in most traffic applications,the industrial grade anti slip tape with larger abrasive particles to resist clogging in dusty environments,coarse resilient anti slip tape for comfortable barefoot use and conformable anti slip tape that offers great conformability to irregular surfaces.The self adhesive anti slip tape comes in rolls,strips, cleats or treads and is available in black,yellow,brown,grey,red,clear,yellow/black,and red/white colours.It is important that the substrate surface is clean, dry and smooth before the self adhesive anti slip tape is applied.Touching of the adhesive side surface should be minimised,and the anti slip tape should be pressed or rolled firmly to provide optimim contact and bonding. Keep your footing with the use of anti slip tape wherever slipping may be a problem.