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Durabase SW For Footfall Sound & Thermal Insulation-15sqm Roll

£135.00 (inc VAT) £112.50 (exc VAT)
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Product Description

Ceramic floor coverings can transmit noise to storeys below if the insulation is lacking or insufficient. This noise can be a persistent disturbance for the people living below.Ceramic tiles in particular are also considered by many people to feel cold to their feet. If there is no underfloor heating or other heated rooms below the tiles, ceramic floors can get cold quite quickly.Durabase SW is a 1.5mm footfall sound and thermal insulating matting.It consists of 3 layers of polypropylene and a layer of plastic-bonded quartz sand, which delivers outstanding improvements in terms of footfall sound reduction and insulation. It decouples tiled surfaces from the subsurface and reduces footfall sound down to 15 dB .The mat also insulates the tiles from a cold subfloor.The Durabase SW matts are pressed into thin bed mortar before it dries(with the the dark-coloured rear of the mats facing down).The matting can be used on many floor surfaces, such as screed or wood. It can be laid directly over old, existing flooring to save time. Durabase SW is only suitable for areas which are dry. Example applications: private residences, business premises and offices subject to loading of up to 2.0 kN/m². This tile underlayment is suitable for laying over standardised underfloor heating systems in conjunction with ceramic tiles or natural stone paving, where they provide for the requisite heat insulation properties.(For technical reasons, the tiles used with Durabase SW matting underlay must be at least 20 x 20 cm in size.)

  • Material: PP / epoxy resin bonded silicon oxide / PP
  • Thickness:1.5mm
  • Width:100cm
  • Roll: 15sqm

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