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Expansion Joint Profiles

Expansion joint profiles/movement joint profiles have been designed so that they can withstand heavy weights and spread the load evenly across the floor and foundations. The expansion joint profiles simultaneously cut out the noise of footfall or sounds conducted through the floor. Even floors that are subject to serious stresses stay in shape longer with the use of expansion joints profiles for controlled expansion. The movement joint profiles are available in pvc, aluminium, brass or stainless steel.The selection of the correct expansion joint prfofile is determined by area,traffic and the floor covering.It is recommended aluminium,brass and stainless steel profiles be used in medium and heavy duty projects.

 Choice oF Expansion Joint Profile:

To get the correct expansion joint/movement joint profile for your project one needs to consider weight load and traffic over the joint.For car showrooms, supermarkets and retail premises are typical projects where aluminium based movement joint profiles are used. They provide good movement accommodation and excellent tile edge protection.For commercial and industrial use where the weight over the joint is high, (forklift trucks and loaded heavy pallet trucks), stainless steel supported movement joint profiles are a better choice. Stainless steel is also recommended for where chemicals are present, for example in swimming pool areas and food production units where an aggressive cleaning regime is required.You also have to decide on the infill colour that best suits your tile surface or grout so that the expansion joint profile will not clash or intrude on your design.